The Gold Souk Dubai

gold souk dubai
The Gold Souk Dubai is famous all over the world and almost every traveler should have heard of him or her hear the minute he or she lands there.

The city really deserves its epithet "golden city" because no other gold markets in the world would correspond to the Gold Souk Dubai - not their beauty or abundance of jewelry on display opened.

The Gold Souk Dubai is located in one of the narrow streets of the old town of Deira, a place that every tourist should be able to locate easily.

If you are still unsure about how to get there, you can always ask your hotel receptionist to guide you.

His first visit to this market will be more surreal than could have imagined being.

As Westerners, we are more or less accustomed, air-conditioned atmosphere of closed shops as well; If this has been your experience with purchases in the past, then you are in for a surprise.

The Gold Souk Dubai is more or less a market outdoors, consisting of over 300 jewelry stores.

This guarantees that organize your visit in this market accordingly.

It would take a little time to go window shopping through each of them.

The jewels on display usually includes the usual bracelets, amulets, lucky charms, necklaces, pendants and bracelets even odd feet.

But this is also where you can buy bullion as well, but make sure that, like all other markets in the world, you will find distributors shade so (well, not too much in my experience).

There have been cases be artificial gold pass to the customer as the real McCoy, so make sure that when you buy your articles, to monitor the trademark symbol, a circle surrounding an "H".

The best time to visit the markets may be the end of the afternoon, when the sun would not be so harsh on the skin.

If you reside in one of the hotels on the boardwalk, then you will be pleased that these hotels offer guests free shuttle ride to the markets of Deira, these visits are usually held in the afternoon.

You would be able to buy here, even after sunset, as most of these shops are usually open 22 hours until most of the tourists seem to be moving towards these stores just after sunset.

The main (and largest) attractive Gold Souk Dubai in any market is the low price charged there.

Markets elsewhere, such as in Europe, the price is lower than here in up to 60%! This is crazzzzyy!

Now this is something we can brag to our friends and family worldwide.

While buying the Gold Souk Dubai, try to use cash instead of credit cards, as they would be able to negotiate better.

Cash is king and will give you the power to negotiate with the merchant.

I am sure you will have a very exciting towards Gold Souk Dubai time.

Make sure a bag ton of gold at very low prices!
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